Renascent Solutions is a Seattle-based executive search firm that specializes in the recruitment and placement of software and high technology sales and marketing professionals and corporate leaders. Our proven, focused approach allows us to rapidly identify validated individuals who will increase corporate revenue and solidify organizational function. Our recruiters have consistently and successfully completed a wide array of talent requests for a diverse clientele of emerging and well-established companies by utilizing a methodology that is focused on an in-depth understanding of the client's needs, direct recruiting, and superb follow-up.

We understand the importance of attracting and retaining exceptional sales and marketing talent, regardless of the prevailing economic conditions. The aggregate cost of not having superior, above quota performers in position is substantial. However, these type of individuals are rarely found through advertisements and job postings on pedestrian web sites and similar locations - an approach that is often ineffective at best and one that the vast majority of recruiters seem to languorously espouse. Most importantly, corporate leaders have neither the time nor the highly refined skills, network, and processes of a professional, experienced recruiter to consistently locate and secure top producers. Therefore, it is essential to identify a knowledgeable, results-driven resource that will provide the upper-tier intellectual capital necessary to achieve unmatched sector results. Renascent Solutions has the answer.


Renascent Solutions provides an extensive array of executive search and career management solutions for emerging and established high technology companies and the professionals who ensure their success. Specializing in the recruitment of individuals in senior management, sales management, sales, business development, pre/post sales engineering, and marketing, our primary focus is on the following industry sectors:

IT Consulting and Professional Services

Telecommunications and Networking

Renascent Solutions is based in Seattle, Washington. Our field of operations is North America.


At Renascent Solutions, we understand that it is essential to form long-term partnerships with both clients and potential candidates. Implementation of this collaborative approach has allowed us to provide many organizations with the intellectual capital required to succeed in a rapidly evolving enterprise environment. Moreover, numerous candidates call upon our expertise and assets throughout their careers to help them devise and implement a plan of undeterred self-actualization.

Hard work, experience, knowledge, integrity... all essential components for success. These fundamental principles are applied rigorously by the professional recruiters at Renascent Solutions. When combined with highly developed and focused search processes, the results are unparalleled - significant compression of the search cycle, exceptional, highly quaified candidates, and personalized service which extends far beyond the generally accepted norm.