December 2007: Have social networking sites helped you increase sales?
Although many individuals find little value when it comes to social networking sites (or simply do not use them at all), a plurality of those who responded to this poll clearly have found them to be a sound additional component to include in their sales approach.

November 2007:
Does your company restrict the use of social networking sites?
The increased prevalence of social networks has revolutionized communications in a number of ways. Although many companies have a wide open policy regarding their usage in the workplace, a slight majority either partially restrict access or block them altogether.

October 2007: Have you ever fallen asleep at work?

There certainly are a number of factors that may lead to a workplace snooze. Although the percentage of people who responded in the affirmative may seem high, many studies have shown that this is more common than generally anticipated.

September 2007: Would you consider constructing a video resume?
During the past few years a number of factors have made the construction and dissemination of video resumes much easier. Do the potential negatives of this approach make it a component of a job search to be omitted? Half of the respondents to this survey feel that text only is still the best method to utilize.

August 2007: Does your company hold too many meetings?
Perhaps not surprisingly, over three-quarters of the individuals who responded feel that organizations conduct sessions that are deemed unwarranted. Many of the complaints I often hear include: lack of direction and purpose, unnecessary length, undefined objectives, increased usage as a means of simple control, and lack of preparation. In short, keep meetings to a minimum, have a clear plan and relevant goals, and don't call for one if it is not necessary.

July 2007:
CEO blogs - good idea?
Refreshing transparency or an unnecessary risk? Most of those who replied seem to feel that this type of undertaking needs to be approached with care.

June 2007: Does your CEO receive compensation commensurate with company performance?

The results show that a slight majority do not believe that their leader's pay is appropriate given the current status of corporate achievement.

May 2007: Do you believe that an individual in a sales leadership role should have a college degree?
Although many are adamant that a sales leader should have completed a college degree, many more respondents clearly feel it is not necessary to ensure proper performance.

April 2007: Does your company monitor your online activities?
Recent studies have shown that more than 75% of companies now monitor their employees' electronic actions. How many of these individuals are aware of this?

March 2007: How prevalent is workplace gossip at your current company and what type of effects does it have?
One-third of the respondents feel that this type of activity is a well-established and highly damaging presence within their work environment.

February 2007: How important is the manner in which a company conducts interviews when making your decision to join them?
It's important for hiring managers to remember that they are selling themselves, the position, and the overall culture of the organization. A professional, well-planned, and organized approach to the interviewing and recruitment process is clearly an important factor to many potential employees.