Contact Information 
Make certain to include all pertinent information including day and night contact numbers, email/mailing address, and any online information/links that are appropriate.

Objective and Skills Section 
Extensive debate regarding the merits of including this type of abstract will undoubtedly continue for some time to come. Such a device can work well if it is crafted in a manner that effectively encompasses all potential opportunities. The inherent difficulty, or course, is constructing a statement that is not overly verbose, yet contains enough information to ensure adequate examination. If you choose to utilize an objective statement component, keep it brief and tailor it as much as possible to your target market and the specific company you are applying to.


Begin with your most recent job and progress to earlier positions. It is not overly important to include work history that is over fifteen years old unless you deem it essential to your presentation. Other factors to consider:

Lists - Use bullets and short descriptions when possible.

Continuity - Include all dates and length of service with each company. Omission may unnecessarily raise suspicions and prevent you from advancing in the process.

Phrasing - Use words that project aptitude, action, and accomplishment.

Employers and Role - Define your duties within each company in a fashion that illuminates your contributions to overall productivity and the organizational environment. Provide brief synopses for each company outlining the products and services each offers. Underscore your most recent experience and achievements.

Performance - Strong emphasis is placed on past results as the primary means to determine how well you will produce at the new company - particularly in sales-related positions. Clearly state your accomplishments in terms that are quantifiable and readily understood.