10 Ways to Make Certain Your Interview Will Develop Potholes in Short Order

As recruiters, we try to account for every possible contingency that might arise during the course of an interview. Unfortunately, there are simply too many variables that come into play in such a format, and every so often a planned meeting that appears to be a sure thing evolves into the missed opportunity of a career. Here are some fantastic ways to turn that smiling face on the other side of the desk into a gargoyle in no time at all.

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Resume Length. How Many Pages?

One of the most common questions I am asked to address is whether or not a candidate who is seeking a particular position should attempt to keep their career information confined to the space of one page. While it seems fairly obvious that those with five or less years of experience in the workplace should do all possible to keep things compressed to a single sheet, what about those with much more seasoning or highly technical backgrounds?

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Ask for the Job!

You feel that the interview went exceptionally well. You had great rapport with the hiring manager. You both agreed that your qualifications, cultural fit requirements, and relevant performance-related accomplishments were a superb match for the role. Yet, unexpectedly, you received notice afterwards that the company was no longer interested in pursuing you for the opening.

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17 Interview Questions a Candidate Should Expect to Hear

It is essential to be prepared to effectively and agilely provide strong answers to an interviewer’s queries. Although the range and form of each individual’s respective format and approach may differ greatly, there are a number of core questions that always seem to surface during the course of an assessment. Those who have readied determined, cogent responses to the following items will be a step ahead.

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13 Questions to Ask an Interviewer

Well-prepared and germane questions for a potential employer not only allow you to effectively gauge the strength of the opportunity and how well it matches your requirements, they also provide the interviewer with a strong impression of your commitment and professionalism. The following questions have all proven to be highly relevant and effective:

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Lessons Learned from an Unexpected Candidate Placement: Part 2

In my last post I outlined the story of an individual who took great initiative and was rewarded with the best job of his career. Here are some of the important points I was able to mine and utilize from that and other similar experiences in executive recruitment.

Generate your own luck

Did I have a great deal to do with this placement? Aside from helping to construct the contract and attending to all final ancillary items, the general and seemingly obvious answer would be no. However, the individual who introduced the successful candidate may very well have never been located and prompted to action without hard, focused work, a strong presentation of the benefits of the position, and a willingness to continually strive to improve one’s professional approach. Diligence and perseverance always seem to be hallmarks for most people who are perceived as having more than their fair share of fortunate breaks.

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